Test Optional

Mercer’s Test Optional admission policy allows first-year students and transfer students who have completed fewer than 30 credit hours to apply to Mercer and be considered for admission without submitting official SAT and ACT scores. Students may apply to Mercer as Test Optional and submit the standard application requirements. We have removed additional requirements in place of test scores.

Studies show that student success doesn’t necessarily correlate with standardized test scores and that Test Optional applicants have made positive contributions to ethnic and economic diversity on college campuses. Further, we understand that not all students have the same access to test preparation resources and that the COVID-19 pandemic caused limited access to standardized testing opportunities.


International Students

International students are eligible to apply to Mercer University as Test Optional applicants. Test Optional candidates must complete an interview with their admissions counselor as part of the application process. International students are also required to complete an ITEP test in lieu of submitting standardized test scores. After submitting your application, contact Felix Jelen at 478.796.9972 or jelen_f@mercer.edu to schedule an interview.