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Housing Photos

You’re coming to Mercer and you can’t wait! Now you’re just trying to figure out where to live. We’re here to help you understand your housing options. Here are some details along with a few photos from each of the residence halls typically reserved for first-year students. Use this information as a guide to help you choose your housing. You may even find inspiration for how to decorate and arrange your room this fall!

Community vs. Suite-Style Bath: What’s the Difference?

Community Bath: Residence halls with a community bath have a large common bathroom that is shared by residents of the hall. Floors often have multiple bathrooms to ensure that all residents have convenient access. Community baths feature individual shower stalls for privacy and are cleaned daily by custodial staff, so that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about.

Suite-Style Bath: A suite-style arrangement shares one bathroom between two rooms. For example, in a suite-style residence hall, you and your roommate would share a shower and toilet with two other residents in an adjoining room. Both rooms would have their own sink. Some students prefer the privacy of a suite-style bath but just remember – this means you, your roommate, and your suitemates will be responsible for cleaning your own bathroom.


Legacy Hall was built specifically for first-year students and features 5 study rooms, a kitchen, and a courtyard. There are 4 common areas, each with a big screen TV. Every floor in Legacy has 2 community bathrooms with 6 showers per bathroom, and every room also has its own sink. Residents share a large laundry facility located on the 2nd floor.

Floors: 4
Capacity: 300
Gender: Coed
Flooring: Vinyl tile


Call it MEP for short, the Mary Erin Porter Complex includes Boone, Dowell, and Porter halls. MEP features 2 activity areas on the main floor, each with a big screen TV, where students can host a group meeting or watch the big game. For outdoor relaxation, there’s a courtyard and patio. Scattered throughout the complex are 4 gathering areas that can be used to study or hang out with friends. Boone and Dowell both have community bathrooms with a total of 7 showers per floor, while Porter is suite-style. Each room in MEP has its own sink. All residents of MEP share a large laundry facility, centrally located in Porter Hall.

Floors: 3
Capacity: 300
Gender: Boone and Porter: Female, Dowell: Male
Flooring: Carpet


Popular for its outdoor pool, Plunkett Hall offers 2 common areas, which include 3 big screen TVs as well as a Ping-Pong table and a foosball table, perfect for a friendly competition with your roommate. The bathrooms in Plunkett are suite-style, and each room has its own sink. Plunkett residents share two laundry rooms on the ground level.

Floors: 3
Capacity: 200
Gender: Coed
Flooring: Carpet and Tile


Look for the big flagpole out front, and that’s Roberts Hall. Located right next to Cruz Plaza, you can enjoy the views from your room or step outside to soak up the sun. Roberts also has a common space if you want to get together with your friends. Each floor in Roberts has 2 community bathrooms with 2 showers per bathroom. Residents of Roberts Hall share a laundry room on the first floor.

Floors: 3
Capacity: 75
Gender: Coed (subject to change)
Flooring: Carpet

What Every Hall Has in Common

You’ll find that your residence hall offers just about everything you’ll need. Every room has a bed, a closet/wardrobe, and a desk with a chair for each resident, and all residence halls have vending machines, cable television, wireless internet, and easy access to free parking. Rooms are also available to accommodate students with accessibility needs. For coed residence halls, each floor or wing is grouped by gender so that men and women do not share the same living space.

In real estate, they say location is everything. That’s another perk of Mercer housing. Our residence halls are within easy walking distance to many campus amenities, including Connell Student Center, the Caf, and Cruz Plaza.

Always keep your Bear Card handy. You’ll need it to enter your residence hall, open the controlled access gates on campus, and use the free laundry facilities – no quarters needed.

Also, we recommend doing laundry with friends – it’s loads of fun!

Get Ready To Submit Your Housing Contract

The housing contract is available beginning March 1. Log in to your housing portal using your MyMercer credentials and complete the contract by May 6. During the summer, you will have the opportunity to select your housing through the self-assignment process, which occurs June 1-8. When you receive access to choose your housing depends on:

  • The date your enrollment deposit was submitted
  • Completion of your housing contract by May 6

For more information, visit the Housing and Residence Life website. There you’ll find a variety of resources, including FAQs, policies, rates, and room measurements and diagrams for each residence hall.