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Research at Mercer

If you want to pursue research as an undergraduate student, you’ll be in good company at Mercer’s new Spearman C. Godsey Science Center.

Our students conduct cutting-edge research every day, oft en beginning their first year on campus. They’re presenting it at conferences. They’re using it to earn national scholarships. They’re even getting it published. But they’re also using it for so much more. Our student researchers are changing the world.

Three students are hard at work on their research projects. Take a look!

Shailey Shah

Conducting research as a freshman | Stamps Scholar

Biochemistry Major

Shailey is working to understand lanthipeptides, which are antibiotics made up of post-translationally modified proteins. The goal of her research is to alter bacterial genomes to synthesize antibiotics faster so that humans can overcome antibiotic resistance.

Matt Halbert

Published scientist | Conducted brain tumor research in Toronto the summer after his freshman year | Joshua’s Wish Research Award recipient

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Major

Matt is looking to produce alternative forms of antibacterials. This semester, his goal is to produce an antibacterial and then modify it piece-by-piece until he has a library of antibiotics. Then, he’ll test each compound’s potency to see how effective it is as an antibacterial compound.

Sumeja Aljic

Member of Mercer On Mission team to Peru | Solving real-world problems in the lab

Chemistry Major

Sumeja is studying the interactions between mercury and cyanide, and the stability between the two complexes. Her research is part of the Mercer On Mission program and examines how artisanal and small-scale gold mining affects clean drinking water in Peru.