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We Are Mercerians

Mercer's Homecoming 2019 Celebration

Mercerians are known for our school spirit and dedication. We stand out, especially in the way we serve our neighbors, both near and far. Mercerians are enthusiastic, loyal, and passionate. We carry our school pride everywhere we go.

At Mercer, we are fiercely loyal to the orange and black. It defines who we are.

We are leaders.


Majors: Political Science; Sociology

Why did you choose Mercer?

I chose Mercer because of its reputation as an institution that values the individuality of each student. The prestige of this university drove me to apply during my college application process. I preferred a small school atmosphere that would allow me to thrive academically and socially.

What does it mean to be a Mercerian?

To be a Mercerian is to lead, to serve, and to give back to the community. To be a Mercerian is to make others feel loved and supported in their learning and living environment. Mercerians come from all walks of life and I believe that it is within our best interests to get to know people who come from different backgrounds and lifestyles than our own.

We are mentors.


Professor | Associate Professor of Chemistry & Director of the Quality Enhancement Plan

What makes Mercer so special?

I came to Mercer for the diverse opportunities for teaching and research, but I stay at Mercer because of the people. Students, faculty, and staff are all passionate about what they do, and the enthusiasm for Mercer is palpable even just walking across campus. We all encourage one another to be our best, and, if you are looking for a place that will help you make the world a better place, Mercer is it.

What is a Mercer game day tradition that you love?

The Mercer Maniacs are the best! This student fan section can always be counted on to show up in creative Mercer gear to cheer on their Bears. One of my favorite Mercer Maniacs moments was watching them lead fellow Mercer students into UGA’s basketball arena to cheer on the women’s basketball team as they took on the Georgia Bulldogs in the first round of the 2018 NCAA basketball tournament. Lots of the opposing team commented on their energetic arrival and how wonderful it was to see students having so much fun supporting student-athletes.

We are maniacs.


Major: Accounting Minor: Spanish

What does it mean to be a Mercerian?

I think being a Mercerian is all about engaging in community. I love Mercer because of the strong community atmosphere between students, faculty, and even the local Macon community.

What is your favorite Mercer memory?

One of my favorite memories from this year was the first-year lawn party near Cruz Plaza. The freshman class, as well as my fellow PAs, had so much fun dancing and hanging out after a long day of fall orientation!

What makes Mercer unique?

I think something that makes Mercer unique is how much the university invests in its students. There are an endless amount of opportunities available for students, and I really feel like I’m a person here, not just another number.

We are legacies.


Alumna | Vice President for Development, NewTown Macon

What is a Mercer game day tradition that you love?

I love walking through campus and taking in the different sites of the community coming together in the name of Mercer (football). Walking through campus on game days brings me a sense of nostalgia. Mercer Football has helped to better unify the Macon and Mercer communities and it has increased the passion and excitement for the current students and alumni base!

What makes Mercer unique?

The campus culture and the intimate environment are both very unique to Mercer. Though Mercer has experienced unprecedented growth, it has remained true to its identity. When you set foot on campus and meet the people, it is displayed so effortlessly.

We are home.


Staff | Coordinator of New Student Programs

Describe a Mercerian in three adjectives.

Tenacious. Considerate. Diverse.

What is your favorite Mercer memory?

My favorite Mercer memory is from last year’s Halfway There Affair! Seeing how dedicated our partners from various offices across campus were to assist in the preparation of our sophomores was amazing. Students were able to mix and mingle with others on campus that they may not have gotten a chance to engage with.

Why do you love Mercer?

I love Mercer because from day one there has always been an expectation of personal excellence. It is easily recognizable in our faculty, staff, and our students! It is easy to admire those around you and to appreciate the support and resources that are present to aid in the success of all Mercerians.