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Mercer's Minority Mentor Program

We followed two pairs of students in Mercer’s Minority Mentor Program to hear what it’s like to be a part of this program.


The Minority Mentor Program (MMP) provides support for first-year students to have a smoother transition into life at Mercer. Through a mentoring relationship, the program provides social encouragement and academic support to participants.


Students of color, international students, and students from other underrepresented populations are invited to be a part of the Minority Mentor Program community. However, MMP programs and events are open to the entire Mercer community.


Through this program, first-year students have opportunities to connect with fellow students, get acquainted with the Mercer community early, and benefit from the guidance of peer mentors and program advisors throughout the year.


Favorite thing to do together: Audene and Nicole love to grab dinner in the University Center and people watch.

Common interest: They are both Caribbean and love to bond over cultural experiences.

What have you learned by being a part of the Minority Mentor Program?

Audene has learned how to embrace being a minority student on campus and has learned to showcase what she has to offer. The Minority Mentor Program has also challenged Audene to step outside of her comfort zone.

Nicole has been impacted by the support of the community within the Minority Mentor Program. It has been a great way for her to find friends and feel comfortable at Mercer.

“I want my mentees to know that I am confidential and they can confide in me.I want them to feel as though they are talking to not only one of their peers, but most importantly their friend.”

- Audene Wilkinson, ’23

“Minority Mentors is a great way for me to meet people. My mentor, Audene, has helped me adjust to college and feel more comfortable.”

- Nicole Mckenzie, ’24


Favorite thing to do together: Taj and Ervin like to eat lunch together. They enjoy sharing laughs and memories over a good meal.

What have you learned by being a part of the Minority Mentor Program?

Ervin has learned the dos and don’ts of college and the importance of mindset. His relationship with his mentor has prepared him to tackle whatever happens in college. The Minority Mentor Program has eased his transition to college and he has gained friends and mentors to come to whenever he needs guidance.

Through the Minority Mentor Program, Taj has been pushed to get involved and find his group. His mentor helped him learn the importance of community, because everyone in the program pushes each other to be better.

“I’m a first-generation college student. Being away from home, the program helped me find and establish roots on Mercer’s campus.”

- Taj Patterson, ’22

“I feel like it’s more than just a program, it’s really a family within a family. I really appreciate that.”

- Ervin Pangilinan, ’24


The Minority Mentor Program is designed to enhance the overall college experience for minority students. It may be intimidating at first, but it is vital to a student’s college success to connect with others on campus and be involved.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Minority Mentor Program, visit our website.